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Materials & such
October 09, 6:59 am
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Wire sculpting:
Tools needed to do much more detail work. Which we may not need to have in our class, but its good to know the variety:
Limitations of pure contour drawing:


A wide variety of different style of wiring scupting: http://www.wire2craft.com/portfolio.html


Angela hook’s creative wire sculpture and wireart
instructional site, includes how-to wire bending techniques, a demonstration of the creative process, a gallery of beautiful wire art sculptures

angela hook’s creative process: http://www.wireinspire.com/process.html

Sten hoiland: http://www.vistagallery.com/html/sten_hoiland.html


Types of metal


Brass – makes padlock, door hinges, nuts & bolts, statues, saxophone

Copper – makes jewellery & art

Steel – makes handphone, bridges, watches, slabs, tube/pipwa/beams, ring, cockery/ tools (stainless is made to be rustfree)

Aluminum – the lightest – makes laptop , baseball bats, wheel caps, cans, foils, bottles, ladder (light)

Silver – makes peuter, jewellery, silver cutleries, coins, acessories (spectacles/bikes)

All are natural resources which takes many years and special conditions to form.
some countries known to export metals are Eastern Europe, China, India.


Paper sculpting
!!! Mere paper, but awesome paper sculptures !!!

1. Frank stella’s work as an inspiration
the guessing game: http://www.nga.gov/kids/stella/stella1.htm

History & bio: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/frank_stella

2. Papershapers with picture:

3. Richard sweeney – very cool paper art sculpture works:
forms in paper:
combined projects:

4. Susy oliveira: http://susyoliveira.ca/site.htm

5. Art of paper exhibits in la: http://china.org.cn/video/2009-04/23/content_17656377.htm

An international contingent of artists are exhibiting unique pulp-based creations in los angeles as part of the “papershapers” show. The pieces on display range from a colorful cascade of cardboard houses, to intricately carved figures and dramatic walls of words.

Artists from around the world cut, tore, folded, and sewed the original works of art. They stretch the viewer’s imagination about what can be achieved with mere paper. The samples represent not only is a range of styles, but also a range of cultures. Artists come from the us, japan, mexico, denmark, and scotland.
japanese pop culture magazine giant robot organized the “papershapers” exhibit. Publisher eric nakamura curates 36 such shows a year. He says he enjoys showing off the more unusual side of the art world.

6. Variety of paper – all can also be used fo paper making

Used paper
shredded paper
computer paper (unprinted)
construction paper
newspaper (you will get grey paper)
graph paper
egg cartons
old cards
toilet paper
paper bags
non waxed boxes (pre-soak in warm water)
office paper
tissue paper (for finer paper)
typing paper



Precious metal clayhttp://silverclaycreation.blogspot.com/2008/07/what-is-pmc3.html



Book references: further with 3D knowledge!

1. Immaterial ultramaterial, architecture, design and materials
edited by toshiko mori
harvard design school, george braziller publisher, new york, 2002
na2543 tec.im

2. A classic collectible pop-up by robert sabuda
simon & schuster publisher, new york, 2002

3. Textile techniques in metal : for jewelers, textile artists & sculptors / arline m. Fisch. London : robert hale, 1997.
nk6404 fis

4. The art fabric : mainstream by mildred constantine and jack lenor larsen

Kodansha international ltd, new york, 1985

5. Jack lenor larsen : creator and collector by david revere mcfadden london ; new york : merrell publishers, 2004.
nk8998 lar.la

6. The world of design [videorecording] / jack lenor larsen,
new york : vidcat productions, [199-?]
nk8998 lar.wo

7. Elements of design by rowena reed kostellow
new york : princeton architectural press, 2002.
nk1510 han

8. Getting a job in cg : real advice from reel people
sean wagstaff ; with dariush derakhshani
tr897.7 wag

9. The art and craft of paper making by sophie dawson
ts1105 daw

10. How to make your own recycled paper by malcolm valentine
ts1120.5 val

11. Hands in clay – an introduction to ceramics by charlotte f. Speight
tt920 spe

12. Handmade tiles by frank giorgini
tt920 gio


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