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Song Lyrics
January 11, 12:06 pm
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R. W

Send someone to love me
I need to rest in arms
Keep me safe from harm
In pouring rain

Give me endless summer
Lord I fear the cold
Feel I’m getting old
Before my time

As my soul heals the shame
I will grow through this pain
Lord I’m doing all I can
To be a better man

Go easy on my conscience
‘Cause it’s not my fault
I know I’ve been taught
To take the blame

Rest assured my angels
Will catch my tears
Walk me out of here
I’m in pain

As my soul heals the shame
I will grow through this pain
Lord I’m doing all I can
To be a better man

Once you’ve found that lover
You’re homeward bound
Love is all around
Love is all around

I know some have fallen
On stony ground
But Love is all around

Send someone to love me
I need to rest in arms
Keep me safe from harm
In pouring rain

Give me endless summer
Lord I fear the cold
Feel I’m getting old
Before my time

As my soul heals the shame
I will grow through this pain
Lord I’m doin’ all I can
To be a better man

“Possibly Maybe” BJORK

your flirt finds me out
teases the crack in me
smittens me with hope

possibly maybe probably love

as much as i definitely enjoy solitude
i wouldn’t mind perhaps
spending little time with you

possibly maybe probably love

uncertainly excites me
who knows what’s going to happen?
lottery or car crash
or you’ll join a cult

possibly maybe probably love

mon petit vulcan
you’re eruptions and disasters
i keep calm
admiring your lava
i keep calm

possibly maybe probably love

since we broke up
i’m using lipstick again
i’ll suck my tongue
as a remembrance of you


while you are away
my heart comes undone
slowly unravels
in a ball of yarn
the devil collects it
with a grin
our love
in a ball of yarn

he’ll never return it

so when you come back
we’ll have to make new love

COCOON by Bjork

Who would have known
That a boy like him
Would have entered me lightly
Restoring my blisses

Who would have known
That a boy like him
After sharing my core
Would stay going nowhere

Who would have known
A beauty this immense
Who would have known
A saintly trance
Who would have known
Miraculous breath
To inhale a beard
Loaded with courage

Who would have known
That a boy like him
Possessed of magical
Who would approach a girl like me
Who caresses cradles his head
In her bosom

He slides inside
Half awake, half asleep
We faint back
Into sleephood
When I wake up
The second time
In his arms
He’s still inside me

Who would have known
Who ahhh
Who would have known

A train of pearls
Cabin by cabin
Is shot precisely
Across an ocean

From a mouth
From a
From the mouth
Of a girl like me
To a boy
To a boy
To a boy


Through the warmthest
Cord of care
Your love was sent to me
I’m not sure
What to do with it
Or where to put it

I’m so close to tears
And so close to
Simply calling you up
I’m simply suggesting

We go to the hidden place
That we go to the hidden place
We go to the hidden place
We go to a hidden place

Now I have
Been slightly shy
And I can smell a pinch of hope
To almost have allowed once fingers
To stroke
The fingers I was given to touch with
But careful, careful
There lies my passion, hidden
There lies my love
I’ll hide it under a blanket
Lull it to sleep

I’ll keep it in a hidden place
I’ll keep it in a hidden place
Keep it in a hidden place
Keep it in a hidden place

He’s the beautifullest
Still strong
Dark and divine
And the littleness of his movements
Hides himself
He invents a charm that makes him invisible
Hides in the air
Can I hide there too?
Hide in the air of him
Seek solace

In the hidden place
In a hidden place
In a hidden place
We’ll stay in a hidden place
Ooohh in a hidden place
We’ll live in a hidden place
We’ll be in a hidden place
In a hidden place


JFK Kennedy – Speech
January 11, 11:35 am
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JFK Kennedy on Secret Society and Freedom of Press

oppose monolithic and conspiracy
on infiltration instead of invasion
in subversion instead of election
intimidation free choice
gruellas by night, army by day

its preps are concealed,not published
its mistakes are buried not headlines
not discendence of silence not praised
no expenditure is question
no rumour is printed
no secret is revealed
no president should fear public scrutiy of his programme
for from that scrutiny comes understanding,
and from that understanding, comes support or opposition,
and both are necessary.

i’m not asking yr npp to support an admin
but i am asking yr help of in the tremendous task of
informing and alerting the people
for i have complete confidence in the response and
dedication of our citizens whenever they are fully informed

i not only could not stiffle controversy among yr readers, i welcome it
this admin intends to be candid about our errors
for as a wise men once said, an error doesn’t become a mistake
until u refuse to correct it.

we intend to except full res for our errors and
we expect u to point them out when we miss them.

without debate, without criticism
no admintration & country can succeed
and no republic can survive

that is why the athenian law make us solar
decreated a crime for any citizento shrink from controvesary
that is why our press was protected by the first ammendment
the only business in america
specifically protected by the constitution

not primarily to amuse and to entertain
not to emphasize the trivial and the sentimental
not to simply give the public what it wants
but to inform, to arrose, to reflect, to state our dangers
and our opportunities
to indicate our crisis and our choices
to lead, mold, educate and sometimes even anger public opinion

this means greater coverage and analysis of international news
for it is no longer far away and foreign
but close at hand and local
this means greater attention
o improve understanding of the news
as well as improve transmission
it means finally that government at all level
must meets its fullfill its obligation
to provide u to the fullest possible information
outside the of narrowest limits of national security

and so it is to the printing press
to the recorder of man’s deeds
the keeper of his conscience
the carrier of his news
that we look for strength and assistance
confident that with your help
man will be what he was born to be
free and independent

Steps to Embrace Change
January 11, 11:07 am
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Copyright of Wong Si-Y. Please write in for permission & credit if you are using this text. Thanks.

Does it matter what i feed my mind, body and spirit, daily?

Watch your thoughts, for they become words.
Watch your words, for they become actions.
Watch your actions, for they become habits.
Watch your habits, for they become character.
Watch your character, for it becomes your destiny.

Going in circles in life was probably fun till I wanted to see actions and results.
After all, nobody can change me, unless I wanted it myself. I’ve noted down some observations through my experiences.

The phases may jump in circles, all depending on the condition it spirals around. Especially how emotionally attached one is to it. Due to that, we can be at any stages, for 1 day, 1 month, 1 year or 1 lifetime. It only takes a second to make a new choice. But it may take a lifetime to make and keep a new habit.

1) Denial:
I BURY the thoughts. I AVOID the topic. I find distractions.

2) Recognizing:
I’M NOT READY to change. But i can see the difference of past and present.
My past choices still lingers in me time to time. I can see what is positive vs negative choices for my well being.

3) Acceptance:
I WAS _______. I CHOOSE to move away from it because I’m not happy. Life comes with negative & positive. I can see clearly what is the positive things I CAN have. I’M READY TO CHANGE. I WANT that which is good, happy, positive.

4) Forgiveness:
I WANT to MOVE ON. I have to forgive. (others and/or myself). I will need to find closure so that i can move. I will find a way to make my own closure. Decide on when & how & do it.

5) Coming out of the Dark:
I am ready TO WELCOME a new life. I know what I don’t want, and what I want – and that is happiness.
I am ready to claim my birthright: to be happy. I am the only one who has the ownership and rights to claim my happiness.

6) Knowing Myself:
WHAT MAKES ME. What are my values, principles.
Nobody is perfect. I am not perfect. But everyone has strengths & weaknesses. I will list mine out.
How do I measure success? Am I shallow or deep?
List my definition of success in these categories: Finance, Career, Family, Relationship, Spiritual, Health, Community.

7) Acknowledging New Habits:
I WANT NEW HABITS. Let’s see the difference between my old and new habits – list it down so I am clear.
I Dare to reach out to grab new habits, new life, new aspirations.

8) Acquiring New habits:
Sometimes I’M STUCK. I want happiness but its too hard to break away from old habits.
What can I do? I can Self help – through daily affirmations.
I can Make effort. Associate ill thoughts with new thoughts everytime it strikes.
I can Make reminders. Notes, pinups, alarms. I can choose to be around people who has these habits so the influence is strong. (This is the shortest cut.) I can tell my closest friends, family that I would appreciate their help with my new habits. I will enroll them to follow my new habits altogether if they are game!

9) Practice New Habits:
I AM CLEAR in the intention. I WALK THE TALK. It’s not easy but I CHOOSE IT DAILY. I may need some help to push me to my own limit. Who can I ask/trust to hold me BIG? Enrolling others to believe in my new habits are a best way I am learning to own it too.

10) Mastering New Habits:
I will own my habits for 3 months or more. I LOVE my new habits!

11) Assess New Habits:
I am happy still applying my new habits! I AM HAPPY because of my new habits! My buddies helps to remind me of my new habits time to time.

12) Life is life.
Ride the tidal waves when it the tide is high. Life has ups and downs so we can’t win life always. Everyone falls at least once.
But how and when I choose to pick myself up will depend on the habit i feed my mind, body and spirit, daily.

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January 11, 11:00 am
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