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Louis Kahn – A 20th Century Architect, Artist & Mystic
January 08, 4:45 pm
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Salt Institute, La Jolla California

Louis Kahn, is a renowned architect whom echo’s silence through his clean geometrical lines, captivating light in its purest form, and merging all this with nature in its own environment. He has touched many through his entheal works, questioning how can human/community live better, in his buildings and boat designs.

To me they are simply breathtaking. They were not just beautiful, they were functional.

In the documentary My Architect, a film by his son, Nathaniel Khan, he’s described as an intriguing and different man. He seemed to me that he was more than an artist, a spiritual mystic indeed. His work was highly influential among ‘high tech’ architects of the late 20th century.

Some words from Louis:

When you want presence, you’ve got to consult nature. There is where design comes in. If you think of brick for instance, you say to brick, “What do you want, Brick?”
Brick says “I want an arch.”
And if you say to brick “Those are expensive and I can use a concrete metal over you, what do you think of that Brick?
Brick says “I want an arch.”
It’s important you see, that you honour the material that you use. You can only do it if you own the brick. Glorify the brick, instead of just short changing it.

You can only do it if you own the brick.”

“A work of art is not a living thing. But to make it alive, that which gives a reaction.

To some it is a wonder of man’s mind. To some it is the wonder of technique, to some it is how real it is. To some it is how transcendent it is, like a symphony that present itself with a feeling that you know it when you play it once and you look for it. That you know it, you must see it and hear it again. Then only the work of art tells us that nature cannot make what man can make.”


Jatiyo Sangshad Bhaban, Dhaka hosts the national parliament of Bangladesh

More on him:

All dates refer to the year work commenced

* 1951 – Yale University Art Gallery
* 1954 – Trenton Bath House
* 1957 – Richards Medical Center
* 1959 – Salk Institute
* 1959 – Esherick House
* 1959 – First Unitarian Church of Rochester
* 1960 – Bryn Mawr College’s Erdman Hall Dormitory and Cafeteria
* 1960 – Norman Fisher House
* 1963 – Institute of Public Administration
* 1962 – National Assembly Building, Dhaka, Bangladesh
* 1967 – Phillips Exeter Academy Library
* 1967 – Kimbell Art Museum
* 1969 – Yale Center for British Art

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