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October 09, 6:14 am
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Bernhard Oberdieck

Mattias Adolfsson

Katogi Mari:




Creative enthusiast: http://onlycreative.com.au/category/drawing/


Designing a book?
January 08, 11:42 am
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Points to Note:

1. Design & Layout
2. Type & font size
3. Composition Perspective/Focus
4. Medium, Tone + Style Color Scheme/Combination
5. Character study Exaggerations/Depth
6. Continuity + Flow of story
7. Cover + Back designs
8. Treatment Texture/paper

Q:  Is it OK to use our handwriting as a font?  
In my experience, this applies for all design related platform:
You may want to quench your thirst of this idea by writing it out first and trying it (scan and apply) before jumping to conclusion that you can manage these expectations. By trying, u can understand its not as easy as you think. And you can also find out what you can / cannot do in terms of ability/control.
a. Can it be replicated as a font which looks good enough to sell in terms of execution standard (ie. Professional enough)?
b. Is it minimal in quantity or is it a 10 full page composition? Can you handle it all?
c. It can be selectively used, for a dramatic effect (u may still be able to merge with other fixed font type – but use your own handwriting to emphasis on something).
d. It does give extra work because u need to write it out  (few times at least till it looks good enough)
1. write it well
2. scan it.
3. clean it up (brightness / contrast) after you scan it
4. convert it into Gray in formats: .tif/.bmp/.eps to preserve its sharpness.
5. Place into your layout programme.

Caldecott Medal Winners
January 08, 11:38 am
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Award Winning Caldecott Medal winners:

November 07, 12:57 pm
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A good collection of award winning children picture books in Singapore:
#02-03/04 Forum The Shopping Mall, Orchard Rd
Tel: +65 62359232. Opening Hrs: 9.30pm-8pm