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JFK Kennedy – Speech
January 11, 11:35 am
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JFK Kennedy on Secret Society and Freedom of Press

oppose monolithic and conspiracy
on infiltration instead of invasion
in subversion instead of election
intimidation free choice
gruellas by night, army by day

its preps are concealed,not published
its mistakes are buried not headlines
not discendence of silence not praised
no expenditure is question
no rumour is printed
no secret is revealed
no president should fear public scrutiy of his programme
for from that scrutiny comes understanding,
and from that understanding, comes support or opposition,
and both are necessary.

i’m not asking yr npp to support an admin
but i am asking yr help of in the tremendous task of
informing and alerting the people
for i have complete confidence in the response and
dedication of our citizens whenever they are fully informed

i not only could not stiffle controversy among yr readers, i welcome it
this admin intends to be candid about our errors
for as a wise men once said, an error doesn’t become a mistake
until u refuse to correct it.

we intend to except full res for our errors and
we expect u to point them out when we miss them.

without debate, without criticism
no admintration & country can succeed
and no republic can survive

that is why the athenian law make us solar
decreated a crime for any citizento shrink from controvesary
that is why our press was protected by the first ammendment
the only business in america
specifically protected by the constitution

not primarily to amuse and to entertain
not to emphasize the trivial and the sentimental
not to simply give the public what it wants
but to inform, to arrose, to reflect, to state our dangers
and our opportunities
to indicate our crisis and our choices
to lead, mold, educate and sometimes even anger public opinion

this means greater coverage and analysis of international news
for it is no longer far away and foreign
but close at hand and local
this means greater attention
o improve understanding of the news
as well as improve transmission
it means finally that government at all level
must meets its fullfill its obligation
to provide u to the fullest possible information
outside the of narrowest limits of national security

and so it is to the printing press
to the recorder of man’s deeds
the keeper of his conscience
the carrier of his news
that we look for strength and assistance
confident that with your help
man will be what he was born to be
free and independent


April 10, 2:06 pm
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October 09, 9:07 am
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