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February 09, 1:19 pm
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UNEP  – United Nations Environmental Programme
SEAYEN  – South East Asia Youth Environmental Network
NYAA  – National Youth Achievement Award
GAH  – Gold Award Holder Alumni
HSBC  – Climate Change Eco Survey Project
HSBC / NYAA Earthwatch Study Trip
NEA Youth Environmental Envoy
Asian Youth Camp


3P Partnership Fund
April 08, 12:13 pm
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Singapore Packaging Agreement
April 08, 11:52 am
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The National Environment Agency signed the Singapore Packaging Agreement with 5 industry associations representing more than 500 companies, 19 individual companies, 2 non-governmental organizations, the Waste Management & Recycling Association of Singapore and 4 public waste collectors on 5 June 2007.


Baking Soda – countless uses
March 08, 4:33 pm
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Solve Global Warming with Baking Soda.
From smells to stains to ulcers, rash and sunburns, this baking ingredient-cum-cleaning product is the solution to dozens of household hassles: http://www.gimundo.com/Articles/Daily/729/12/10/2007

Baking Soda the Super Item: