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Steps to Embrace Change
January 11, 11:07 am
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Does it matter what i feed my mind, body and spirit, daily?

Watch your thoughts, for they become words.
Watch your words, for they become actions.
Watch your actions, for they become habits.
Watch your habits, for they become character.
Watch your character, for it becomes your destiny.

Going in circles in life was probably fun till I wanted to see actions and results.
After all, nobody can change me, unless I wanted it myself. I’ve noted down some observations through my experiences.

The phases may jump in circles, all depending on the condition it spirals around. Especially how emotionally attached one is to it. Due to that, we can be at any stages, for 1 day, 1 month, 1 year or 1 lifetime. It only takes a second to make a new choice. But it may take a lifetime to make and keep a new habit.

1) Denial:
I BURY the thoughts. I AVOID the topic. I find distractions.

2) Recognizing:
I’M NOT READY to change. But i can see the difference of past and present.
My past choices still lingers in me time to time. I can see what is positive vs negative choices for my well being.

3) Acceptance:
I WAS _______. I CHOOSE to move away from it because I’m not happy. Life comes with negative & positive. I can see clearly what is the positive things I CAN have. I’M READY TO CHANGE. I WANT that which is good, happy, positive.

4) Forgiveness:
I WANT to MOVE ON. I have to forgive. (others and/or myself). I will need to find closure so that i can move. I will find a way to make my own closure. Decide on when & how & do it.

5) Coming out of the Dark:
I am ready TO WELCOME a new life. I know what I don’t want, and what I want – and that is happiness.
I am ready to claim my birthright: to be happy. I am the only one who has the ownership and rights to claim my happiness.

6) Knowing Myself:
WHAT MAKES ME. What are my values, principles.
Nobody is perfect. I am not perfect. But everyone has strengths & weaknesses. I will list mine out.
How do I measure success? Am I shallow or deep?
List my definition of success in these categories: Finance, Career, Family, Relationship, Spiritual, Health, Community.

7) Acknowledging New Habits:
I WANT NEW HABITS. Let’s see the difference between my old and new habits – list it down so I am clear.
I Dare to reach out to grab new habits, new life, new aspirations.

8) Acquiring New habits:
Sometimes I’M STUCK. I want happiness but its too hard to break away from old habits.
What can I do? I can Self help – through daily affirmations.
I can Make effort. Associate ill thoughts with new thoughts everytime it strikes.
I can Make reminders. Notes, pinups, alarms. I can choose to be around people who has these habits so the influence is strong. (This is the shortest cut.) I can tell my closest friends, family that I would appreciate their help with my new habits. I will enroll them to follow my new habits altogether if they are game!

9) Practice New Habits:
I AM CLEAR in the intention. I WALK THE TALK. It’s not easy but I CHOOSE IT DAILY. I may need some help to push me to my own limit. Who can I ask/trust to hold me BIG? Enrolling others to believe in my new habits are a best way I am learning to own it too.

10) Mastering New Habits:
I will own my habits for 3 months or more. I LOVE my new habits!

11) Assess New Habits:
I am happy still applying my new habits! I AM HAPPY because of my new habits! My buddies helps to remind me of my new habits time to time.

12) Life is life.
Ride the tidal waves when it the tide is high. Life has ups and downs so we can’t win life always. Everyone falls at least once.
But how and when I choose to pick myself up will depend on the habit i feed my mind, body and spirit, daily.


June 09, 11:20 am
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